RACHEL JACKSON Snake Earring Cuff – Silver


 In 22 carat gold plated sterling silver

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Rachel Jackson



RACHEL JACKSON Snake Earring Cuff – Silver

This snake ear cuff is the perfect way to add some attitude to your earring stack, or, worn alone to make a subtle statement. Simply slide the ear cuff onto your outer ear, there’s no need for any piercings. This ear cuff is sterling silver.

Cool Features

  • Comes as a singular ear cuff so it’s great for layering with our other earrings
  • No need to have pierced ears to wear this

Product Warnings

  • You will be tempted to buy more earrings for maximum layering
  • People will stop you in the street to tell you how cool you look
  • Beware of friend envy


  • Height 10mm.