BON PARFUMEUR Eau de parfum 602


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602 pepper, cedar, patchouli

Eau de parfum
30 ml (1 fl.oz.)

Sharp spices from Southern seas, classic comfort of wood

The 602 begins with an offering of luminous citrus notes with the bitterness of grapefruit and the freshness of mint. The heart note unleashes a more cold and spicy character with pepper and berry essential oils. The fragrance depicts woody patchouli essences, cedar and vetiver. Finally, this composition develops smoky and mystic tones.


St Thomas berriesChilliIncense


A polo match.
Champagne with friends.
Epic moments.

A romantic road trip.
A convertible, the wind blowing in your hair.
The desire to just escape.


Nathalie Koobus

She has grown up in and around Grasse. The perfume universe quickly became familiar to her. After starting a career in research and development in Grasse, she became a perfumer at Fragrances Essentielles.

She prefers amber woody notes, with a special loving for sandalwood.